Modigliani Opera

Sono io stesso lo strumento delle potenti forze che nascono e muoiono in me.

The exhibition “Modigliani Opera” wants to place itself in the panorama of temporary and itinerant exhibitions with characteristics and objectives different from the formats are well known – and successful – cables to the exhibitions of the works of famous artists.


Speaking of a multimedia show in an etymological sense, rather than an Experience, more coherently defines the objectives of this journey designed to represent Amedeo Modigliani and his work:

the use of multiple means and communication plans to convey the story of his life, all made synergistic by the use of technologies, with the effects and peculiarities they express. “Modigliani Opera” therefore wants to be the all-round narration of a difficult life, of a unique artist who has researched his style to the last; wants to make explicit the profound link
between the life of man and his art, to make them known to the general public with the help of new technologies.

The intent is therefore to create a multimedia show that combines cinematographic and theatrical communication with original 2D and 3D animations with 360 ° reproductions, 4k projections, motion graphics, videomapping, sound design, lights, in a mix of different languages amalgamated by a unitary and original graphic-treatment.

Immersive Cinema

Through a circular arena with 360 ° projections, the viewer is immersed in the life of Amedeo Modigliani, from birth to the day of his death.


The spectacularization is given by the projection in very high resolution, up to 15K, in a combined system of animations in 2D and 3D of unpublished contents, which allow a different vision of the life of the artist.

4k Display

In the second room a virtual theater made up of monologues, conversations and
memories, told by the most important figures of Modigliani’s life: all projected on 85
“4K screens, to make the experience more exciting.

VR Room

In the VR room, through the last generation of 360 ° VR, the visitor suddenly becomes Modigliani. He will personally experience moments of the real life of the painter, painting in his atelier with his models, he will find himself immersed in the bohemian life of the Parisian cafés… simply thrilling!!!

Educational area

The workshop is set up to allow adults and, above all, children to approach art in a creative way, experimenting with various styles through the educational material made available.


The room was designed to bring the youngest children closer to the art world.


Our bookshop is designed with the common denominator of quality, to which must be added accessibility and usability for our customers.


The particular attention we pay to our public allows us to offer gadgets capable of reconstructing the experience just lived, which will be remembered over time.